Virtual activities – part 1

Each week as part of our daily In Touch emails to carers we compile a list of different virtual activities.

There are a huge number of resources available, so each week we showcase a few different links and activities. Staying connected and enjoying new experiences will definitely help to pass the time in an enjoyable way.

You Tube Journeys

Take a train Journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle. This is a ten hour journey, you may only want to watch a fraction of it

Click to watch

Visit the Galapagos Islands with this amazing YouTube video created by the National Geographic Expeditions

Click to watch

Photo by  Josh Nezon on Unsplash

Artwork of the week

The Louvre Museum has an amazing collection of art from all over the world – Have you been there? Join me for a tour and a discussion about one of its most famous inhabitants – the lovely Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.

Using this link you take a virtual tour of some of the galleries at the Louvre.

Take the tour

Added Extras

The Metropolitan Opera is streaming performances every night at 7:30 pm EST and then saving the playback for 24 hours. If you’re a lover of Opera then this will be great for you! Or if you’ve never seen an Opera before then you should give it a go. Click here

While they can’t bring us concerts at the moment, all the Operatunity artists have rallied to produce virtual concerts. Some footage is from their archives, some shot on phones and some was recorded before the lockdown. There is a variety of songs, singers and musicians for you to enjoy. Click here