Song Lam

Song graduated at the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Education. She was formerly a school teacher in Hong Kong with more than 30 years teaching experience and is currently a part time bilingual educational advisor for Auckland Schools. Song was the founder of Free Language Corners – Voluntary teaching English for Chinese new settlers for 20 years. Song is also currently the Chief Secretary of Chao Shan General Association of NZ and Team leader of Caring callers for St John. Song has won a number of honours and awards including NZ New Year Honours: Queen’s Services Medal in Jan 2006.


林爽 畢業於奧克蘭大學﹐持有教育學士 學位

曾是香港合格教師,   教學經驗超過三十年


林爽 是語言交流園地創辦人﹐義務教授華人新移民英語長達二十年 目前是


-St John  關懷電訪員跨區組長