Dementia Talks Masterclass – The Art of Enablement


When supporting someone with dementia at home, carers and families need knowledge, skills and patience to be able to enable the person with dementia to live their best possible life. As the dementia begins to create havoc in the brain, it erodes lifelong skills like initiative, motivation, ability to organise, concentrate and ability to problem solve etc.

With the right level of support, supervision and simplification of tasks, people living with dementia can continue to do the familiar tasks and activities they love.

This Masterclass on Enabling teaches carers and families the concept of Enabling, gives ideas and techniques to assist everyone to enable people living with dementia to gain a sense of achievement, mastery and engagement in activities and the world around them.


Rhonda Preston-Jones, Clinical Lead at Dementia Auckland has over 30 years of experience working in Health Services. She is passionate about helping people to live their bests lives despite a diagnosis of dementia.

This in-depth education session is suitable for carers, family members and health professionals.


Carer/Whanau/General Admission: $20
Health Professionals: $40 (Certificate of Attendance provided post Masterclass)

This Masterclass will be recorded and the link will be sent out in the week following the presentation.


The education services we offer are unfunded and this will give us the ability to continue providing quality education to our community.