Corporate Support

Supporting us means supporting thousands of Aucklanders affected by dementia.
There are several ways you can fundraise, show support and help raise awareness in your own community.
Here are just a few of the ways you can make a difference.

Strategic partnership

A strategic partnership with Dementia Auckland is a positive way to connect your community values with our objectives. We’ll take the time to understand what’s important to you, and how our organisation can provide reciprocal support in helping your business achieve its community goals. By engaging your customers and workforce in activities that positively contribute to their community, you create opportunities that motivate your staff, build a strong company culture, demonstrate your desire to act as a socially responsible organisation, and enhance your brand through positive PR and engaging fundraising activities.

Get your brand behind a well-respected charity that your corporate community will feel proud to support.
Contact us to find out more about a strategic partnership with us.

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Payroll Giving

Payroll giving makes it really easy for you to do your bit in showing your support for those affected by dementia. With a few simple steps, you can donate to Dementia Auckland direct from your regular pay, and in doing so receive immediate tax credits.

How it works:

If your employer offers a payroll giving scheme and you’d like to join,
simply provide them with:
  1. The amount you’d like to donate each pay cycle
  2. Your pay period (s) in which you want the
    donation to be made
  3. And the following details:

Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust (trading as Dementia Auckland)
Account number: 12-3061-0389965-00
Level 4, Suite 5, 58 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
PO Box 5132, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

You receive immediate tax credits for your donation.
For every $1 you donate, you’ll pay 66.6c, with the IRD paying the remaining 33.3c.
Therefore, a donation of $10 per month will actually cost you $6.66

For employers

Payroll giving is a scheme available to employers who file their EMS(IR348) and EDF(IR345) electronically using ir-File. Where offered, the scheme gives employees the opportunity to donate to approved organisations of their choice direct from their pay and receive an immediate tax credit for payroll donations.

For more information on how you or your organisation can support Dementia Auckland, please get in touch.

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